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Fuel Management System


What is Fuel Management System?

Fuel Management System is a Fuel control and Management System used at fueling stations. Accord Fuel Management system is the most advanced fuel control and management system, which provides precise monitoring of fuel consumption and eliminates the risk of non-authorized fueling

Storage tanks reading are captured automatically at all times and reconciled with pump reading and storage tanks are checked for leakage.

Fuel losses are frustrating and costly. With a fuel monitoring system, you always know what you have and where it’s going.

It virtually eliminates human error, assuring timely, accurate and detailed information capture for each vehicle and each fueling session.

The ability to track details such as run and idle time can pin point opportunities for improved driver training, eliminating wasted fuel. You’ll get the most from the fuel you have and reduce unnecessary wear-and-tear on your fleet.

You’ll always have complete data at your finger tips for reporting and financial purposes and for management review, analysis and decision-making.

Streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy and timeliness of record-keeping.

System Architecture of Fuel Management System


Fuel Management System Overview


  • Automatic Capturing of Received Volume

Add On Vehicle Identification System


System Components of Fuel Management System

FCC (Forecourt Controller):

  • Heart Of Fuel Management System

  • Solid state design. there is no moving or rotating part in FCC or COPT (Card operated payment terminal) device.

  • Distributed kind of concept. Each device has redundant functionality. FCC, card Reader and RF module are equated with sole processing unit.

  • True infinite read and write capability on nonvolatile memory.

  • Integrated to all leading Dispenser make ie Tokhiem, Tatsuno, Midco, Gilbarco, Wayne etc).


BOS Application:

Main Screen:

main screen.jpg


Fuel Transaction Report:

Fuel Transaction.jpg

Advantages of Fuel Management System

Automatic recording of incoming product receipt.

  • System will capture the incoming product volume accurately via automatic tank gauging system (ATG) without any manual intervention.

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